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Building superior-performing, customer-centric financial institutions by providing strategic guidance and SmartBanker and SmartInsurer analytics platforms to banks, insurers, lenders, and credit unions.

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Strategic Services

At RedPort, we collaborate with our clients to develop and implement relevant, scalable, and executable strategies. From our work with large and mid-size financial institutions, we’ve identified three key practices that are critical to long term success:

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Analytics Services

From raw data to smart action

Financial services companies have an important advantage that others companies often lack – volumes of data about their customers. Demographic data, behavioral data, transaction data, product data, channel data, and more.
But data alone isn’t useful. To make it valuable, you need to have the know-how and resources to convert seemingly disparate data into actionable insights.
That’s where RedPort can help.

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Our Solutions


SmartBanker is a data-driven Customer Data Platform, pre-configured for banking that fully activates your customer data, allowing your bank to:

  • Take advantage of all available customer data
  • Set it & forget it with automated, pre-approved actions
  • Increase profitability by average of $1M per 100K customers

Read more about SmartBanker at our dedicated site.

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Smartlnsurer is a Customer Data Platform specifically preconfigured for insurance that provides you with customer-centric, data-driven insights that allow you to write more business, more profitably. With Smartlnsurer you can:

  • Within weeks gain actionable insights on customers, policies, channels, markets and lines of business
  • Within months implement advanced self-learning capabilities that use all available data to continually improve predictions
  • Smartlnsurer interfaces with all of your core processing and channel systems — as well as with third-party sources
    Smartlnsurer gives you:
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