Relevant Projects


  1. Optimized claims management process for leading Latin American insurance company
  2. Developed direct insurance business line for large, Latin American insurance company
  3. Provided strategic support for major transformations of three large US credit unions – work included strategy development, customer segmentation, operating model and numerous implementation tasks
  4. Developed sophisticated customer retention program for large US consumer bank
  5. Developed direct business operating model for US insurance company
  6. Developed Mexican market entry strategy for US insurance company
  7. Managed strategic turnaround project for $85 billion super-regional bank
  8. Developing Latin American consumer finance organization for group of institutional investors
  9. Managed multi-year strategic review and reorganization for $3 billion US mutual insurance company
  10. Conducted comprehensive strategic review of large financial services client joint venture
  11. Established strategic management process for diversified financial services company
  12. Managed international strategy group for US insurance company
  13. Reorganized pension system for Government of Serbia
  14. Developed strategic options for institutionally funded Canadian technology startup
  15. Identified areas for substantial cost takeout for diversified US insurance company
  16. Conducted strategic review of client subsidiary providing outsourced lending and call center support for credit union
  17. Managed outsourcing of marketing agency for diversified financial services company
  18. Established strategic management process for diversified financial services company
  19. Developed product management capacity for $1.3 billion credit union
  20. Performed 6 month strategic review of client international businesses in Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Korea and the Caribbean
  21. Privatized government owned insurance company in Central Europe
  22. Provided strategic support for $25 billion asset management company
  23. Development of start-up business serving Mexican microfinance industry
  24. Developed an innovative loyalty program for a $1.5 billion US credit union
  25. Interim management of retail banking marketing department during leadership transition


  1. Developed SmartBanker and Smartlnsurer consumer analytics tools for use by mid-sized financial institutions
  2. Developed requirements for complex analytics platform for major US insurance company
  3. Developed and led sophisticated analytics capability for midsized US financial institution
  4. Developed numerous statistical models for US in banking and insurance industries
  5. Manage analytics infrastructure for US credit union on an outsourced basis
  6. Developed analytics strategy for mid-sized Latin American insurance company

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