"You can have data without information, but you can't have information without data." - Daniel Keys Moran

In the age of self-driving cars, automated additive manufacturing processes, and self-flying delivery drones, how can Financial Institutions capture similar opportunities enabled by continual advances in sensors, artificial intelligence and autonomous process automation?

Financial institutions need deep analytics solutions that:

  • Start by allowing the definition of the desired business goal like growing market share, decreasing customer churn, increasing profitability – or even simultaneous combinations of these strategies.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence in a self-learning mode, to continually optimize to the goal defined above
  • Combine Machine Learning and AI algorithms with effective data management and link that with opti-channel delivery to be able to execute sophisticated, automated marketing and customer management programs, with few manual processes and only primarily passive human intervention.

And most importantly help them use data to make money!

RedPort helps FI's take advantage of more and more value-creating opportunities (sales, marketing, financially accretive service interactions), to be more responsive to changes in the market place, and to significantly reduce expenditures on marketing activities.

Our highly experienced experts have 100's of years of combined experience with banking and insurance analytics platforms and can help solve some of the most pressing analytics problem faster and at lower cost than the competition.

Data and Analytics work we do regularly includes:

  • Customer, Product, Channel Profitability Analysis and Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation (Combined demographic, psychographic and profitability modeling)
  • Campaign Analysis and Profitability Prediction
  • Marketing List Optimization (Buyer/non-buyer modeling, goal based "smart" list selection)
  • Next Best Product (Modeling, Sequence Determination, Long Term Value Optimization)
  • Sales/Marketing Channel Optimization
  • Product Portfolio Control
  • Data Strategy and Architecture