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Self-learning analytics software for insurance providers

SmartInsurer gives you customer-centric, data-driven insights that allow you to write more business, more profitably.

With SmartInsurer you can:

·       Within weeks gain actionable insights on customers, policies, channels, markets and lines of business

·       Within months implement advanced self-learning capabilities that use all available data to continual improve predictions


SmartInsurer interfaces with all of your core processing and channel systems — as well as with third-party sources — and uses the data you collect on customers, markets, products, policies, claims, distribution channels, and financial performance to give you a 360-degree view of your business and the actionable insights to improve results.

SmartInsurer gives you:

  • Out of the box analysis ready industry metrics and report functionality
  • Actionable insights into business drivers and functional performance
  • Sophisticated online analytical processing (OLAP) to create your own ad hoc analysis
  • Propensity models to increase renewal rates and improve targeting and marketing ROI
  • Reporting tools to measure and track business results across customers, products, and distribution channels, including hundreds of insurance-specific KPIs
  • Campaign management tools to design and automate prospecting, cross-sell, and up-sell programs
  • Self-learning capabilities to continually improve your analysis, targeting and results

SmartInsurer is built on a sophisticated insurance data model that shortens the time and IT investment typically required to implement business analytics.