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From Raw Data to Smart Action

Financial services companies have an important advantage others companies often lack — volumes of data about their customers. Demographic data, behavioral data, transaction data, product data, channel data, and more. But data alone isn’t useful. To make it valuable, you need to have the know how and resources to convert seemingly disparate data into actionable insights.

That’s where RedPort can help.

The Right Financial Services Analytics Platform

RedPort is an expert at helping banks, insurers and credit unions become data-driven in managing their businesses. Our analytics platforms, SmartBanker and SmartInsurer, were developed for financial institutions to make it fast to implement and easy to quickly extract key insights from your terabytes of data — from predictive models and OLAP analytics to dashboards and campaign management tools.

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Let RedPort’s Experts Boost Your Analytics

We also provide subscription-based services and one-time analytics to reveal actionable insights for your business. With SmartBanker and SmartInsurer, we can quickly discover key trends and profitability opportunities hidden away in the data that spans your core transactional and operational systems, channels, and external sources. We’ll create a custom package of services for you, such as:

  • One-time analysis of your customer portfolio to deepen your understanding of your customers’ value and to align your marketing and product strategies to the customer segments and markets that offer the greatest growth potential
  • An annual subscription to SmartBanker or SmartInsurer, including RedPort professional services, to give you hands-on access to up-to-date analytics, to create and monitor your critical performance indicators, and to identify new market opportunities
  • Outsource your marketing analytics to us to track the results of campaigns, identify levers to improve the return on marketing investment, and free up your organization to focus on marketing strategy and execution

Measure what Matters

RedPort offers consulting services to help your organization become analytically proficient. We’ll work with you to create scorecards that ensure every level of your organization, from the boardroom to the front line, is focused on the right KPIs.

Let us help you discover the untapped opportunities in your business.